Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Links O' Plenty

I have, oh I don't know, about 3d4 * 100 RPG related links. Thought to put a selection of them in the sidebar but my two abridged blogrolls are already longer than Jörmungandr. (and yes I look at every post from the RPG reading list, tech not so much) Then I remembered every blog needs a reoccurring filler post and since Shatnerday, Manly Monday, and exhaustive rules analysis have been taken I'm fancying links! In truth links have been taken too, more than once. But instead of links of other blogs and recent activities these will be (mostly) oldish static resources.

I'm guessing we all know about The Acaeum detailing D&D products. This is the one I started with. It might be retrostalgic false memory but I remember staring at that cover (and the City of Brass on the DMG) and fantagasmining over how I could imagine a world and then "go" there and do stuff instead of just reading about what someone else did in a novel. Heady stuff for a 10yr old. Hmmmmm, this hobby is so kick ass.

RPG Search Engine, this search is just for Grognardia.

Dungeon Magazine interactive index. Nice options to limit by edition. Cause you know even if we claim to not participate the edition wars we all have a favorite.

If you can't find it in one of these indexes (Tholos, Dragondex) then it probably was never printed in Dragon Magazine.

Holy Fantastic Star Frontiers Fan Awesomavaganza! I bow unworthily and present The Star Frontiersman. That is how the D&D old school revolution should look. Star Frontiers was my first Sci-Fi RPG. I freakin loved the Ares section of Dragon Magazine, star cops! If I had more time I'd so start a Star Frontiers game, I'd make people play it.

ZeFRS forget old school when you can have crazy color chart school! I think Evil DM turned me onto this. And I normally would resist reposting but I adore alternative mechanics.

Hey it's the EFF of the RPG World. Free RPG Community "Our mission is to promote users' rights to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute roleplaying games by supporting free content roleplaying games."

Free RPG Manager, does stuff but I only want that map maker. I have a thing for mid-old school hex maps like from the Known World Gazetteer series. I wish author would release v2.0, or the source, or anything. I even donated some money to his paypal account. Just look at those screen shots, yum!

Talking about the Known World, there's more known than you might have imagined. Looks like we have a settings theme going on so lets link to this Birthright Netbook and the Fansite. Can't forget about HârnWorld, is the place for that. I never really knew about Arduin until reading oldschool blogs. I'll have to check out Arduin Eternal in detail.

3.5 D&D has so many rules. Luckily there are hypertext SRD's to help make sense of it all. What's this? How'd that ODD The Marches stuff get mixed in here? Well since that's there might as well as link to Philotomy's ODD Musings as well.

You're probably better off if you never click here. Remember I warned ya. Well that's enough for now, until next Woden's day then.

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