Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Seven Days, Seven Blades of Luck - Flynn's Edge

Flynn's Edge, a thin slightly curved saber, is much too light for its silvery metal blade and guard to be anything mundane. The richly carved basket guard bears no inscription neither does the blade or grip. Nor can any maker's mark, crest or other identifying symbols be found. Although many tales, songs and legends have been written about Flynn's Edge few even the authors realize it. Storytellers recount the daring exploits of the charming Dread Pirate Roberts, not his sword.

A wave of confidence overcomes those picking up Flynn's Edge. It is hard not to swish it through the air and make a few practice stabs perhaps accompanied with a swashbuckling "aha!" For as long as it is carried the owner will be prone to jumping up on tables, blurting out sarcastic insults and clever witticisms, swinging from rigging, chandeliers, banners, eschewing helmets for jaunty caps, and the like.

No matter how unskilled the wielder of this weapon is they always hit. What they hit, although, is up to luck. When fighting with this sword determine the number of eligible targets which include enemies, friendlies, neutrals, and possibly inanimate objects such as the chandelier chain. Then make a die roll to select one of them to be automatically hit. If the wielder is particularly lucky allow them some advantage in target selection such as altering the target selection roll by +- 1 post facto. But, skill/THACO/class/levels/etc have zero effect.

Damage is much less than normal and is often harmless but worthy of a dashing swashbuckler (e.g. cutting off target's ponytail, popping the buttons off their blouse, pricking friend in the ass so they jump out of harm's way). During combat the wielder of Flynn's Edge is empowered with astounding acrobatic skill. This exists to expand the number of eligible targets and promote flamboyant maneuvers.

This sword is not cursed in the sense that it can't be put down or abandoned. But, hopefully the player has so much fun with it they are loath to give it up. And frankly if they aren't then they are not worthy of Flynn's Edge.

[From the series Seven Blades of Luck and examples of Magic Items Should be Magical. All seven blades were once part of an article I submitted to Fudge Factor a sadly defunct e-zine for FUDGE.]

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