Tuesday, January 26, 2010

D&D Meetup Austin

Finally got back around to some gaming this weekend (would have been last weekend but motorcycle decided it wanted to not work instead). Played AD&D with 8 players plus DM! at the FLGS, BattleForge, hosted Austin D&D Meetup. It was one of the most attended meetups in awhile. There were enough crazed gamers for three more tables, all playing 4ed.

A large group, also known as a 'stink', of gamers.

Thanks to Arthur, our DM, who carried on despite struggling with back pain the whole session and a fun group of players, including one RPG newbie, playing AD&D in first time for many, many years was a lot of fun. Here's my good friend flip having the his wizard search a room for secret doors, alone, before anyone else has had a chance to enter. He did find a secret door, but not before a sextet of spiders found him. Bit him down to half hitpoints before he could run away.

Hypnoticus learns why wizards should stick to the
middle of the marching order.

Some random quotes I remembered to jot down:
"I'm gonna beat on whatever I can get at." The Dwarf.
"I've detected an Aura of Dumb about you." Cleric to wizard after above spider altercation.
"You feel a slight..." DM, interrupted by player "sex change!" Who's comedic value is enhanced by recent issues party has had with a Belt of Masculinity/Femininity.

"Don't take a picture when I'm down!" Prone paladin's player to photographer.
There was also mentioned a Wand of Inappropriate Touching which gave me the idea for the Wand of Touching which either boringly allows one to cast touch spells at range or interestingly allows one to poke, tap on shoulder, nudge, wedgie, etc a living target in range.

4th ed is how this guy rolls.

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