Saturday, January 23, 2010

Upcomming Central Texas Game Conventions

Owl Con

I've preregistred for OwlCon, Feb 19-21, Rice University in some crappy town east of Austin ;) Looks to be a great con. Should have gone last year but I really don't like riding sport bikes that far (my only transpo at the time).

If you preregister they let you presignup for three games (btw OwlCon's registration/event listing pages/software rocks)
  • Swords & Wizardry "Temple of Mercy" DM'd by Herbert Nowell
    The remains of the First World are vestiges: magics and creatures of a horrific age." And some of those magics are concentrated in the Temple of Love. Now you and your sword-wielding companions must follow a group of lost archaeologists into ruins older than the first cities. It is a realm of swords and magics far removed from modern man, and known only to you and those like you.
    This and a 2ed game were the only old-schoolish RPG events :(
  • Burning Wheel "Dogs On The Waterfront" run by Dwight Frohaug
    There is a time to talk, there is a time to demand, and there is a time to kick in the door, shoot out the lights, and take what is yours. This scenario is a riff on the premise of the film Resevoir Dogs. It utilizes modern weapons via a drop-in replacement for Burning Wheel's combat sub-system that is inspired by the final scene in Way Of The Gun.
    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like running Burning Wheel, might like playing it. But having both Reservoir Dogs and Way of the Gun in the description pretty much sold it. Boohyah baby!

  • Savage Worlds "The Cairn of the Blood God" GM'd by Jason Kemp Austin's own Game Master extrodinare.
    The Cairn of the Blood God has remained hidden from the eyes of men for centuries, protecting its many secrets. Now a band of daring adventurers must brave its aberrant defenders in search of the famed ruby known as the Blood God's Eye.
    Jason is a great DM and it will be funtastic to play with him again.

Chimaera Con

I don't think Chimaera Con April 9-11 in San Antonio is my type of geekyness. Seems to be more of sci-fi/anime con with some games rather than a game con. Am I wrong?


I ready marked my calendar for Texicon, May 21-23 in Fort Worth. 2010 is their first year. Rick Loomis from Flying Buffalo Inc. is there Guest of Honor. Too early to register for events. I might try to get it together and run an event at this one. Wouldn't be miniatures though which seem to be the bulk of Texicon listed events so far.

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