Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I found that awesomeness on my best friend's Spacemummy Flickr page. Dude's been holding back on me. Sure, I've not checked his flickr page in like 2 years. But, knowing my obsession with all things chimptastic he should have sent out a special alert. Pasting that picture onto a card and putting it in my Deck of Random. Which I draw from and inflict on players whenever I'm bored or don't know what to do.

I always want to use flying monkeys [yep I know it's a chimp and chimps aren't monkeys] but they seem a bit too Over the Rainbow, ya know? But, this concept is perfect. Just the essential elements of flying and monkey. Still, they could make use of a prehensile tail. Wrapped around victim's neck for leverage in shattering their skull and eating their tasty non-monkey brains.

I'm not much of a statter upper, or rather I prefer to stat things up on the fly. What can stats tell you that that picture don't? It'll have whatever HD, AC etc are needed at the moment, it flies, it howls, it bites and it can be distracted by bananas. What else is there? How would you stat it up?

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