Thursday, January 28, 2010

Return of the Grand Contest: One Page Dungeon, 2010 Edition

Sweet Bejesus I'm Internet micro niche famous! Selected to judge this year's One Page Dungeon Contest, w00tloops! Now I don't have to come up with an excuse for being so lazy and not submitting and entry, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome my fellow judges and say that I look forward to crushing them beneath my boots and hearing the lamentations of their women. What? I won't be fighting the other judges, wait, what *did* I volunteer for... oh my!

Remember the One Page Dungeon Contest 2009? Yeah, it's like that +1

The full details can be found on the One Page Dungeon Contest 2010 page.

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One Page Dungeon?

Font of SorrowsTraditionally, a dungeon is the map of a connected series of rooms full of monsters, traps, tricks, and treasure. People proposed expanding it to include random dungeon generators. These had no map, but instructions on how to create a map. Then people started saying that a wilderness, a village, or a big building could also be treated as a dungeon. Agreeing on a single definition of dungeon seems unlikely and would possibly limit the creativity of submissions.

Thus, in the spirit of “I know it when I see it” it'll be up to the judges to decide.

Whatever it is, it has to fit on one page. Letter format or A4 is the limit. It has to printable and readable on one page, too. If the font ends up being too small, or if it requires hyperlinks to read, then it won’t do.

If you're still stumped as what a One Page Dungeon is have a look at Last Years Submissions.

Yeah Whatever, How do I Enter

Step 1 Create a one page dungeon.

Step 2 Email, message, teleport submission by the March 1, 0:00 GMT deadline.

Step 3 Profit! Er, no it's Wait impatiently until April 18 for the winners to be announced.

For more accuracy and detail you probably should go read the One Page Dungeon Contest 2010 details.


There will be fabulous prizes! What's more, the prizes themselves will be fabulous!!! Fabulous like Martial Flavor.

Do you want to get in on this fabulousness? Sponsors Info.

Final words

I have one and only one final word and it is monkey.

Oh and welcome my esteemed fellow judges:

And lastly a Great Shout of thanks to Alex Schröder who is organizing this beast. You know not what you have unleashed. Pray we survive with some of our sanity intact.

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