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:Requirements: Human, Female, CHA 9+, CON 9+
:Primes: DEX, CHA
:Max Level: 12
:HD: d6+4 (+3 after level 9)
:Combat: Great To Hit Progression, Light Armor, No Shield
:Saves: as Fighter

"Go in peace my daughter. And remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are an Amazon."

-- Queen Hippolyte

Amazons must have 13+ in both DEX an CHA to earn 25% XP bonus.  Must have a CHA of 16+ and DEX of 13+ to earn 50% XP bonus.

Amazons are raised from birth to be warriors.  They serve no man and will only follow Amazons or other similarly powerful women.  Amazons favor the spear, hand axe, and long dagger above all  weapons.  Amazons will not use missile weapons such as bows, guns, and slings.

"Warrior Women"
  Increased damage die when using favored weapon (d8 at 2nd, d10 at 4th, d12 at 6th).  Natural medium "armor" at 1st level, (heavy at 3rd, plate at 5th).

"Focused Strike"
  Once per combat, if target hit, attack does no damage, target must Save vs Death or be stunned for d(Amazon's damage die)max rounds.  At 9th level, target must Save vs Death or die.

"Gilded Bracers"
  Amazons are trained to block and deflect with their bracers.  Which protect as Large Shield vs melee and ranged.  Including Shields Shall be Shattered, in this case destroying the bracers.

  Generally successful at jumping, leaping, tumbling, etc.  Takes 20' less falling damage, (40' at 8th level).

"Riding Mastery"
  Amazons are raised in the saddle. Experts at all things mounted, esp combat. At 3rd level a white mare of superlative attributes will appear and serve Amazon, (a unicorn at 6th, a pegasus at 9th).

Loosely modeled on Monk and Judges Guild Dungeoneer 1-6 Compendium article.  Utilizes various house rules I might have mentioned in past blog posts... Feel free to replace 25/50% XP bonus with more standard 5/10%.  Most classes use d6 damage die for normal weapons.  "Great to-hit" is whatever fighters get.  d6max means roll d6 at start of your turn, if '6' (the max value) is rolled then effect ends.  Feel free to replace that with normal d6, I just don't like to track things).  The rest should be broadly interpretable.

I don't let real life males play this class, it's a "reward" for girls cool enough to nerd out around the table with us obnoxious males.

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