Monday, January 30, 2012


:Requirements:  Ogre Ancestry
:Primes: None
:Max Level: 9
:Hit Die: d6+4 (two HD at 1st level)
:Combat: Great To Hit Progression, any Armor, any Shield
:Saves: as Fighter
"Urgh, me smashy now?"
-- Bubba Twoclub
Brutes do not gain any XP bonus for high abilities and roll them differently:

 * STR d6+12
 * DEX 2d8
 * INT, WIS, CHA 3d4

Brutes are dumb, dull, ugly and strong.  Large, 6.5' - 8' tall.

   d8 damage die size.

  May melee attack up to X opponents where X is character's to-hit bonus.  All opponents must be <= 1HD (2HD at 5th level, 3HD at 9th).

  After dropping foe, roll free attack against different foe that is within range.

  Declared after successful hit. Keep making attack rolls until you miss or choose to stop. If you miss, your turn is over and you are over-extended; no action next round. If natural unmodified roll <= number attacks this round you're exhausted for d6max rnds; 2x(worst), no attacks, 1/2 move.

Based on various house rules.  I'm not overly concerned with balance but other classes get 25/50% XP bonus for high stats which mitigates the Brute's brutish abilities.  Most classes use d6 damage die (for all normal weapons). "Great to-hit" is whatever fighters get.  d6max means roll d6 at start of your turn, if '6' (the max value) is rolled then effect ends.  Feel free to replace that with normal d6, I just don't like to track things).  2x(worst) means for every required die roll (saves, attacks, etc.) roll two dice and take worst result. The rest should be interpretable.

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