Friday, January 27, 2012

Daughter of Delphi

:Requirements:  Human, Female, CHA 9+, CON 9+
:Primes: WIS
:Max Level: 12
:Hit Die: d6 (+1 after level 9)
:Combat: Good To Hit Progression, Med Armor, Any Shield
:Saves: as Cleric

"Your own reason is the only oracle given you by heaven, and you are answerable for, not the rightness, but the uprightness of the decision." -- First Daughter Kalliste

Daughters with 13+ WIS earn 25% XP bonus.  They must have a WIS of 16+ to earn 50% XP bonus.  May only use bludgeoning weapons, i.e. those that don't draw blood.

Daughters of Delphi are clerics of Apollo the god of sunlight, seers and medicine.  They are all that remains of the Cult of Apollo centered around the ancient Oracle of Delphi.  The Daughter's advise, protect and heal those who value truth and beauty.  They delude, obstruct and harm those who do not.

"Divine Prayers"
  Clerical slot progression, no memorization, on demand. Litanies at 1/2 highest level slot.

"Shield of Faith"
  20% per level magic resistance vs arcane, divine, faerie magic.  100% at 5th level.  Only applies when direct target of spell, not spell effect.  Idea from Supplement VI The Majestic Wilderlands.

  50% chance of vision. (d20 + 5 + lvl >= 20) vision completely correct without omissions.  A vision is either an answer to one yes/no question or a fleeting glimpse of past, present or future.  1/day, (2/day 4th level, 3/day at 7th level).

"Healing Touch"
  Curative prayers heal +1 hitpoint per die, (+2 3rd level, +3 5th level, +4 7th level, +5 9th level)

"Favored of the Gods"
  2x multiplier for Divine Intervention.

"Turn Undead"
  Turn undead as Cleric of same level.

Based Judges Guild Dungeoneer 1-6 Compendium article.  Utilizes various house rules I might have mentioned in past blog posts...  Feel free to replace 25/50% XP bonus with more standard 5/10%.  Good to hit progression is what Clerics get.  I don't require Clerics to memorize spells.  But, there is possibility (DM's whim / omnipotent knowledge of god) "prayer" goes unanswered.  Litianies are divine version of ritual casting (10min + 10gp/lvl).  Divine Intervention is last ditch appeal to gods d100 >= character level.

I don't let real life males play this class, it's a "reward" for girls cool enough to nerd out around the table with us obnoxious males.

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