Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shit People Say to Roleplayers

I can't figure out how to comment to the post on The Escapist Blog.  So, replying here.

I'm a single (41yr old) programmer and board/card/computer/RPG game player.  I live in a liberal city.  I work at a small hi-tech company.  Most the people I interact with are well educated and tech-savvy, many are nerds of one sort of another (music, computer, game, TV, etc).

I say all that cause the list of what people say to RPGrs from The Escapist Blog was so negative.  I rarely have heard shit like that since high-school.   Holy crap guys!  Where do you live and who the hell do you hang out with?  No wonder people "hide" the fact that they are gamers.

Mostly I get:
"How does it work?" 
"Its like WoW?"  Often people don't realize right away I'm not talking about MMORPG or other computer game. 
"Can I join?" 
"Can I have my own figure?" 
"Wish I had still had time for that." 
"Oh man, let me tell about the time my Paladin Centaur ...."
The winning / what's the point thing comes up fairly often.  But, more from curiosity / wanting to understand rather than derogatory angle.

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