Monday, January 30, 2012


:Requirements:  Porcine ancestry
:Primes: STR, CON
:Max Level: 9
:Hit Die: d6+2
:Combat: Great To Hit Progression, Med Armor, Small Shield
:Saves: as Fighter

"To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."-- Pitfighter answer to "what is best in life?"

Pitfighters roll abilities differently:

 * STR 2d6+6
 * DEX, CON 3d6
 * INT, WIS, CHA 3d4

Pitfighters need 13+ in both CON and STR to earn 25% XP bonus. Those with a CON of 13+ and STR of 16+ to earn 50% XP bonus.

  Low-light vision; see clearly even in the dimmest of light.

"Dirty Blow"
  Once per combat. If target hit, attack does no damage, target must Save vs Death or be stunned for d4max rounds.

"Finishing Move"
  When melee attacking Stunned/Unawares/Incapacitated otherwise defenseless opponent, the damage die explodes on >= half die size. So, on 4-6 with d6, on 7-12 with d12.

"Die Hard"
  Roll twice (take best) when required to use the Death and Dismemberment Table.

Orcs derive from pigs.  They are prized as Pit Combat Gladiators.  The "Finishing Move" is same as I handle backstab damage.  "Great to-hit" is whatever fighters get.  d6max means roll d6 at start of your turn, if '6' (the max value) is rolled then effect ends.  Feel free to replace that with normal d6, I just don't like to track things).  The rest should be interpretable.

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