Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Festung Konigstein

Fortress Kingstone (literal English translation) is pretty cool. I know cause it's one of the several castles I visited while biking around Germany/Czech Republic back when everyone else was getting rich (if only temporarily) on dot coms. Looking at the museum exhibitions I'm sort of sad I just walked around the walls and visited the open parts of the fortress.

A Fairy Tale about it and the blog that reminded me of it. The wiki page is woefully short. I remember that same view of the Elbe. I should dig up my photos (of this and several other castles/arms/armours), but they are photos on film paper and not digital so a real pain for the scannerless dude to post on a blog.

Ah, but this is the page we're interested in, full, keyed map of the fortress with lots of supporting images. Nice! Fortress has been expanded and modifed for cannon. Good location for steam punk, Renaissance campaign.


  1. Very cool! Any time I run across stuff like this, I bookmark it. You can never have too many pre-keyed maps (complete with hook-inspiring history and names!)

  2. that's very nice! i was looking for something similar for Carcassonne in France, and found something, but it's not as good as this.


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