Friday, November 6, 2009

Who Knew Naked Bears Looked So Strange

Poor Nekkid Bars

Anyone care to stat this creature up?


  1. yikes!

    looks like a wererat to me

  2. Damn. OK, here goes:

    This is clearly an ancient sorcerer trapped in animal form by an enemy's curse. Clinging to the last vestiges of his humanity, Heez Baldio alternately seeks human company and lashes out in a terrible rage at anyone close to him.

    Heez Baldio, cursed sorcerer
    HP:51 (Unique Creature)
    AC:7 (tough hide)
    Attacks as a 10 HD creature, convert to system of your choice to find attack bonus/to hit numbers
    Attacks:2 claws and bite

    Special Attacks: Heez Baldio has a gaze attack and several spell like abilities. Gaze Attack: range 50', no save: any one looking into Heez Baldio's eyes cannot help but feel sorry for the creature, taking a -4 penalty to all attack rolls against him and feeling a compulsion to assist the forlorn beast.

    Spell Like Abilities: Once a day: Vampiric Touch with claw attack, +5d6 damage, extra damage done is gained by Heez Baldio as temporary HP.
    At Will: Heez Baldio can create minor illusions with visual, audio and thermal components. These can be no larger than 4 cubic feet, and no more than one can be in existence at any given time. Heez Baldio can purify food or drink at will, and likewise can poison food or drink at will. Heez Baldio can talk with plants and animals, but cannot converse in any humanoid language.

    Sometimes Heez Baldio will appear in the wilderness and assist a party of adventurers, creating drinkable water from sludge or guiding the way through impenetrable brambles. It is unwise to trust Heez Baldio, however, for at any time his unstable nature can lead him to attack those he was helping only moments before.

    Special Defenses: Unless the last remnants of hair are shorn clean from his body after he is defeated and sprinkled with holy water, Heez Baldio will rise from the dead to continue his tortured wanderings. This is the only way to permanently destroy him. Even burning the corpse will not prevent it from rising from the ashes at midnight of the following night.

    Heez Baldio cannot be returned to his prior human form, as the curse that befell him was in retribution for a truly evil deed that Heez Baldio performed.

  3. @Carl
    Excellent interpretation. Esp love the Special Defense.


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