Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sahara, The Movie

Sahara is a horrible movie not really worth watching for any reason at all. But, it did give me the idea for a modernish campaign.

The characters are ex Navy Seals, scientists, archaeologists, and the like. All employees of ASR (Artifact Search and Recovery) pronounced "azure". A private treasure hunting company specializing in underwater recovery. The owner / operator of ASR is "The Admiral", lessor known as Rush Jackson, an ex-CIA field operative. Due to ASR's ability to travel the world relatively unnoticed and it's employees talents the Admiral's previous employer regularly offers it unusual "jobs".

So "dungeon" crawls in ancient tombs. Underwater battles with giant squid/KGB frogmen. All sorts of missions to every crazy terrain/locale one can find online/imagine. As much or as little combat and political intrigue as you like. Serious or pulpy. Mix in Bond style villians/X-Files/Cthulu to taste.

This setup could easily be translated to Sci-Fi space campaign, Traveller is pretty much made for this. I can see it working in SteamPunk Victorian setting also. Basically this is League of Extrodinary Gentelmen, eh?

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