Thursday, November 26, 2009

Buying, Selling, Collecting

A few months back a friend gave me his collection of RPGs, pictured above, to sell on ebay. Instead of selling his stuff I've went on a spending spree on ebay, 1/2 priced books, my FLGS, Amazon, Lulu and elsewhere. I did, finally, list his stuff and a few of mine last Sunday. 107 items in total, something old, something new, something blue.

Check it out.

The gentleman's agreement is that I could use some of the proceeds from selling his stuff to "pay" for the items I wanted to keep. One of those items was CityBook II. I've read over a few books from this series of supplements from Flying Buffalo. Also have been really impressed with one DM's use of them.

Which despite not planing on doing any city adventures for a while prompted me to look for the others. I found I, III, V, VII fairly cheap (~ $10 shipped) on Amazon. No luck so far with finding the others at a reasonable prices.

While at Amazon and due to my recent purchase of "Prehistoric Life" I went looking for a couple of books that fascinated me in my youth. "Castle" and "City" by David Macaulay. I also discovered his "Pyramid" and "Mosque" (this is not in the same black line drawing style, it's still good though) Each of them only $6-7 shipped! Even used (in good condition) that is an amazing price. Great resources to see how each of those structures was built and used.

I've, of course, picked up latest issues of Knockspell and Fight On! magazines. Will get around to reviewing their contents, maybe, someday.

I'll bid/buy on just about anything that only costs a couple bucks. That is how I ended up getting a lot of six Brave New World source books. A game I knew nothing about nor intend on ever playing. But, I should be able to extract a $1 I paid of worth out of them in some Mutants & Masterminds campaign, eh? Been recently vaguely interested in Birthright D&D setting for it's "end game" realm management infos. A couple cheap lots later and I ended up with what's pictured below.

1/2 Priced Books is great! I (had) little interest in Dark Sun but 1/2 Price have this stuff there so cheap, I can no resist. Besides what's pictured also got a boxed set with several expansions in it for <$10. These Dark Sun modules are interesting. They have a flip book for the DM, and one for the players, full of stories, descriptions, maps, drawings, and other props. Novel idea which, apparently, didn't catch on. I'm curious if any Dark Sun players/DM's have any thoughts/experience on these flipbook modules? Other 1/2 priced book finds include the box of Battletech (which made miniature sounds when shook). That combined with a couple recent blog postings on the classic game of giant, ass kicking mecha made me pony up four whole dollars for it. GURPS Conan is so mine for $5!!! The white box edition of Castles & Crusades (lacked the old school dice, no biggie) only $4. While my infatuation with C&C is waining, having a digest sized box for Carcosa, Miscellaneum of Cinder, and other booklets is good enough consolation.

Other stuff I've acquired or ordered recently include Rifts Book of Magic, Pantheons of the Megaverse, Old Ones (for maps!). Various d20 supplements, various GURPS supplements, Midnight setting and sourcebooks (cause it was too cheap to pass up). A couple Chaosim Stormbringer/Elric? books cause they looked weird. 20lbs of tumbled semi-precious gems and varios gem beads, maybe combine with Campaign Coins to have "real" treasure to hand to players. Tons and tons of HeroScape Terrain, HO model train trees, and the like (and I've since become strongly discinclined to use minatures, sigh). Tons of dice, esp weird ones (that's a whole post for the future). Deck of Many Things, various cool playing card decks for Savage Worlds initiative, Tarot Decks. Toolbox, Ultamite Toolbox, Mutant Future, Dungeon Alphabet.

Finally, I finally found and paid too much for Compendium of Priest Spells Vol 3 completing my totally awesome library of more spells than I'll ever need. I also have the Encyclopedia Magica four volume set for more magic items than I'll ever need. With that and the Internet I see no reason not to make every magic item unique (baring potions and scrolls).

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