Sunday, November 15, 2009

Suprises on 1-6

Nature, it's seriously freaky. I've heard that humans have problems with comprehending huge values such as how long life has been evolving on earth really is (more than three billions of years). Did you know that 99.9% of all species are extinct. Those alive today represent .001 of what has lived. Everything alive is a thousandths place rounding error*. There's been so much opportunity for evolution, countless weird ass creatures have evolved, lived, and become extinct. Critters left today are by and large the most extreme adaptations or the most general. Like the little guy to the right, we are all elites!

This is how I imagine Elven Cloak works and do some degree Hide in Shadows. That is the hider is adept at flowing his cloak, cloths, body to adapt and blend in with the existing shadows and contours of terrain. They've done things like frayed all the sharp lines and removed (or boot blacked) any shiny bits from their exterior. It's not a supernatural ability, it is all experience, practice, and evolution (high Dex being beneficial mutation).

Clicky picture to awaken monster.

* This is part of why I can't get too worked up about all the extinctions humans are causing. Even if we trigger a mass extinction. There's been several already. We might not survive but the Earth will. Life, it can make more.

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