Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nine Minute Campgian

I'm game, actually I started this before reading any of it, and it's heavily geared towards the epic story, plot driven story path type campaign. [Edit: only kind of, the Mule Abides one, linked above, seems to be a sandbox. It said "9min", I did this fast about 20min. #7,9 specifically seem "plot (rather than players) drives action" and #5,6 aren't factors for G&G. See my comments for more]. So, it's not working out so hot. Kind of preferring the Seven +/- Two thing more.

Gold & Glory Campaign
  1. What is the Look & Feel of your campaign?
    Right there in the title buddy, Gold & Glory! Exploration & discovery, Mythic Wilderness, Mythic Underground. Magic is not a substitute for Technology. Technology is a substitute for Magic! A little S&S, S&P, and S&H. More Arduin, Mythic Europe, Otus, Howard. Less d20, Eberron, Elmore, Tolkien.

  2. What’s the high concept of your campaign?
    Are you brave or foolish enough to explore the Frontier in search of gold and glory? More to the point are you strong enough to survive its challenges and return body, mind, and soul intact? Fame, fortune, and adventure beckons! Will you answer the call?

  3. What’s the core story? (or: “Lovable misfits who…”)
    Tomb robbers, out of work mercenaries, professional scoundrels, holy men looking to save or be saved, seekers of forbidden knowledge, naive farm boys with dreams of glory, assorted ne'er-do-wells, and foreigners from near to far all congregate at the Goat & Wizard Inn. Milling about, they drink down the last of their coin, eye the competition, and chase up rumors or bar wenches. Eventually, a group gathers to explore another portion of the Frontier. If they are clever and careful most will return relatively unscathed. If they are lucky they will bring back ancient treasures, forgotten knowledge, and tales that will be retold across The Kingdom.

  4. What rules will you be using in your campaign? Crap if I know. LL, SW, whatever the system there will be too many house rules.

  5. What are the big-scale social institutions or groups in the campaign? There is no organized religion only cults and lots of them, The Kingdom, black marketeers,

  6. Who are the major supporting cast? King Osric (who has opened the frontier for exploration and will be granting those who reach name level baronies), Baron Brok, Unamed proprietor of the Goat and Wizard, Lucious Lucimor hermit mage, and lots of hirelings, henchment, and torch caddies.

  7. What are the major threats in the campaign? The Grey, Cosmic Alien Intelligences and their cults, Toad Gods and their cults, Unseelie, Warangutans, The Dreaming Queen, not using a 10' pole, the player characters.

  8. Draw a map of the campaign setting. ok, but it's not that easy (for me) and ain't happening in 1min unless you Pick a map.

  9. Draft up your first adventure. It's a sandbox, choose direction and start walking.

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