Tuesday, March 23, 2010

North Texas RPG Convention

Buy you some raffle tickets.

Just sayin.


  1. Thanks to Jason Braun for the very old school looking flier he whipped up for us!

  2. I go to Dallas three times a year and am always impressed by how polite people are. Even the fast food employees are friendly.

    I bet that con would be pretty great.

    Wait, Irving is next to Dallas, right?


  3. It practically is Dallas, at least the area where the con is (right outside Valley Ranch).

    And yes, the con is (and will be) pretty great!

  4. Jason Braun is the man! He's down shed loads of art for various old school stuffs. I tried to get him to do some custom art for my campaign but he demurred. Pointed me to his buds at three headed troll art (who also rock the old school art style). Then I demurred and now I gots no money for buying kick ass art. :(


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