Friday, March 26, 2010

Some New "Old School" Artists

Badmike did what I should have in the comments of my North Texas RPG Flyer Post and mentioned that Jason Braun did the kick ass art on that flyer.  Jason Braun has done lots of great art for the OSR and other RPGs.  I'm sure you've seen some.  I met him and got to see some originals first hand at last year's Texas old-school get together.

Later I emailed him about doing some custom artwork for my upcoming campaign and I leared Jason is one of the heads? comprising Three-headed Troll Art Wurks group of talented RPG artists.  Although he was too busy to take on more work he directed me to his artists buds and the other two heads.  He provided these Dragon's Foot links for them: 

Brian "Glad" Thomas and

Andy "ATOM" Taylor

Also they have a Three-headed Troll Art Works blog.

I incurred several thousand dollars of unexpected expenses which, sadly, nixed the custom art idea, for now.  But, BadMike's comment gave me the idea to provide them some well deserved link love / exposure.  And seriously, if you've ever been curious about getting a character portrait done or a kick ass banner/logo/splash for you campaign/meetup flyers and website or whatever I encourage you to check out the above artists (or others).  The affordability might surprise you.

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