Thursday, March 4, 2010

Isomorphic Caves of Chaos

[UPDATE: I'll be running this for ITGW March 21st and again for a 12 hour marathon on April 3rd.  see post.]

Isomorphic (is that the right term?) maps have captured my attention since first time I saw one. I forget were, Don't think it was Ravenloft which I never owned. For my upcoming International Traditional Gaming Week B2 marathon I decided I'd try and make an isomorphic version of The Caves of Chaos.

Here's (part of) my 1st draft.

The original "can't copy me cause I'm blue" map.

I got tired of trying to count squares so just started where it seemed right. Irregular caves are hard to draw at an angle. Ran out of space for the temple and some parts of are more non-euclidean than isomorphic. Could make it work by shifting up and to left, squishing the far left stair/dungeon a bit. If I were to finish this I'd ink it up, mark traps and bits and then probably write on the map (in pencil) the room contents/encounters. I like running straight from marked up maps rather than having to refer to module write-up.

I like how it turned out. But, I think I'm gonna use Hackmaster's version of B2 for the marathon. Its map is much larger and has more depth/options than the small, mostly linear lairs of B2. It also has many more prisoner/slaves making that option of introducing new players much more likely. It's maps aren't very multi-level and are too big to fit on my iso paper so little reason to make iso versions of them.

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