Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"B2" Caves of Chaos Maps


Is a portion of the map I created for the upcoming Twelve Hour B2 Caves of Chaos Marathon I'm running on April 3rd at my FLGS Dragon's Lair in Austin, TX. (also used for this B2 Caves of Chaos game).

I call it Caves of Chaos instead of Keep on the Borderlands 1) I totally thought that was what B2 was called. 2) It's a mixture of D&D B2 and Hackmaster B2, and some some additional weird shit by me (more caves, more innter-connections, more loops, molemen instead of goblins, warangtangs instead of hobgobs).

I started the Caves of Chaos map on a lark to see if I could make an isometric version of the classic B2 map.  It turned out ok.  After I was sure I was running the B2 marathon I got excited about working on the map again and mixing in Hackmaster stuff.  It really flowed and new ideas poped into my head as I was drawing it.  (maybe why it got a little too crowded).

I used different wall styles / colors for the various levels. Which you might just be able to make out the "square" stone dressed blocks of the Black Temple in this slightly zoomed image. [clicky for embiggin]


After I color photocopied original I used different color pencils to "shadow" / "crosshatch" the stone in a way I hope accentuates the isometricness.  I like to write notes right on maps such as what and how many, encounter tables, and the like. But didn't want to junk up "nice" map with those and the room key so, I made some b/w copies of the original.


For being poor at cartography/art I think my isometric Caves of Chaos map project turned out pretty bad ass. Don't know if it's practically superior to flat map, but I sure do like lookin at it.

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