Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Not Nice

The so-called original D&D Renaissance is an attempt to do that, but so far all it has managed to do is create countless protesting/divisive blog posts on how to DEFINE original D&D.

What a crock of ignorant horse shit. Fight On!, all the retro clones, One Page Dungeon and contests, TARGA. Those are products of the OSR.

I'm really pissed and disappointed that the post that quote is from is getting attention. It's pretty much a gimmicky troll post. Look at all those blogs I follow/read over there. After reading his B.S. for awhile that author is one of a very few I've taken off. I hope more people learn what a waste of time he? is.

Re "attempt to do that" which was reach "a viable conclusion on how it should be played."

The exact fucking opposite. The OSR is the celebration of DIY, of how everyone enjoys the game differently, and how you don't have to play it like everybody else esp not how the game companies tell you to play. And fucking esp not how some blogger says.

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