Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Judging One Page Dungeon Contest

I've been resisting reading various blogger's posts about their 1pdc efforts. I thought it was only fair and also I wanted my first look at each "dungeon" to be a big surprise. That has totally been the case.

Wow! You all are sure creative. I've only reviewed a couple dozen, out of ~70 entries, and I'm already very impressed by the variety of cartography, writing styles, concepts, and silliness. Looks like several of you are either intentionally or otherwise pushing the boundaries of what is a "dungeon" and what a one page dungeon should be. That's awesome! Those who are pushing what can fit on one page (6pt font person that means you!) aren't quite as awesome. Still, it's all good.

Next step, as judge, is to nominate 20 "best" entries. I'm telling you, it's gonna be hard to trim down to 20! But it's also gonna to continue to be a blast. Thanks to Alex for allowing me to judge and for all of you who have created and submitted one page dungeons.

The One Page Dungeon Contests are examples of what's best about the DIY RPG hobby/community.
We rock!

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