Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Arc Attack Rockin with Science at Dorkbot SXSW 2010

[Sorry RPGrs for the Nerdgasim]

Science rocks, literally when Arc Attack is in the house. As happened recently in Austin, TX during Dorkbot SXSW 2010. They play, via MIDI, two giant transistorized Tesla Coils that rapidly switch on/off their arcs.  In other words they use flippin lighting to vibrate the air aka make sound (for the scientifically challenged).

A robotic drummer provides the back beats.

On top of being too dark (brighter == not seeing lighting, still it's pretty darn good for a cell phone, Nokia n900 ftw ) recordings are absolutely nothing like having lighting arc out 10' from your head. Lighting that is "playing" the Legend of Zelda Tune, 10' from your head.

"Popcorn" played at 500,000 volts per channel!  [btw my phone didn't pick up the hundred fractal filiments of electricity spreading out from the main bolts]

500,000 volt Tesla coil in the light of day.

Making music with lighting, flippin awesome.  Playing nostalgic geek favs such as "Legend of Zelda" and "Mario Brothers" game theme songs, crowd pleasing. But Arc Attack took it to the next level.  Come on, how can anything top using Telsa's (the greatest modern inventor/scientist btw) invention to rock out, you ask?

Um, dressing dude in chainmail and having him dance in/with the flippin lighting that is cranking out the Dr. Who theme is how.

"Conducting" Dr. Who theme song

Science Fucking Rocks!

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