Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Post Apocalyptic Thought

I spend about 10hrs a week reading RPG blogs. (until I get burnt out and don't read anything for a month) But, it's totally worth it. In addition to being handed great ideas and resources. Reading all that spurs my creativity and inspires me to do stuff.

Mutant Apocalypse type games typically are wide open wilderness affairs after a modestly advanced civilization nukes itself. The image on Noisms' Post Apocalyptic Play-list made me consider using a "city world" such as Star Wars' Corcusant or imperial capital of Asimov's Foundation as the setting instead. Endless miles of steel and concrete ruins. A hundred levels of metal "dungeon" before you reach the bottom. A hundred more reaching up into the sky in the few towers left intact. I imagine a bit of a claustiphobic Space Hulk vibe.

Maybe too monotonus? Always overgrown "parks", agri-domes, and hydroponic farm levels for that getting back to nature feeling.

When I get around to Mutant Future I strongly consider using this kind of setting.


  1. Are you familiar with Necromunda at all? it may have some of the vibe you are looking for.

  2. I am running my Mutant Future campaign as a combination of "dungeon" crawl and wilderness adventure. The players have spent almost half the sessions exploring a huge sprawling complex of underground military bases and research labs left over from the human resistance against the alien invaders. I think mutant future and megadungeon go quite well together. I didn't go as far as you suggest in terms of making that the ONLY option (minus the parks et al that you mention), but it has been a viable option that the players keep coming back to.

  3. There is also Games Workshop's Necromunda to consider, which has different social classes at different levels of the hiveworld structures, which are basically vertical cities.

    I really want to run Mutant Future, taking copious notes from the Star Wars and The EMpire Strikes Back movies and novelizations, the Heavy Metal movies and the Heavy Metal magazine. My group really likes fantasy as a genre, but I think I can sell them on space age hyper-gonzo old Star Wars lunacy, tinged with Heavy Metal and Warhammer 40K.

  4. Necromunda, I recently discovered this game through ebay while searching for miniature terrain. Other than learning the terrain is too pricey for me I know very little about it.

    > hyper-gonzo old Star Wars lunacy, tinged with Heavy Metal and Warhammer 40K

    Is there another kind of sci-fi? :)

    @Carl re Huh, I see the similarities now but I had assumed the Fungus forest and sain't shrine were by different people. They had such differnt "character". Great maps!


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