Thursday, October 29, 2009

Half Levels

My friends and I sometimes celebrate half-birthdays, the day opposite one's birthday on the calendar. It's a hoot. Looking at the slow progression of older editions vs 3.x and with desire to attract and entertain players accustomed to more stuff, more quicker I present half-levels. The (not original) idea of providing some of the next level's benefit before actually getting there. Don't want to escalate character progression, just flatten it a little.


At mid-point to next level each character receives a few perks. What the perks are depends on your game system and particular mechanics.

Everyone re-rolls (using existing levels Hit Dice) hitpoint with +1 added to the total. This only works if you already play with rerolling hitpoints (taking best result) every level. Alternatively, everyone can get +1 hitpoint. Not much but will make that 1hp guy happy.

Wizards get 1 new spell. (and 1 less when reaching next level)

Thieves get a few percentage points taken from those awarded next level to spread around their skills.

Fighters get a weapon proficiency now instead of at next level.

A few skill points now instead of next level.

One of characters new abilities now instead of next level.

Perks (very light feats/skills) get awarded at half-level. Some examples. I can read!, learn new alchemical formulae, "Slaughterhouse" (ftr ability to mow through low-hitdie scum), local heraldry.

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