Sunday, October 4, 2009

Death by Harlet with a Hatpin

The Dragon #20 article referenced by Delta's D&D Hotspot is totally rad!

More DM's need to record player/henchmen death statistics. There are some ad hoc efforts. Such as the fates of The Princess Wife's NPC henchmen. Perhaps conducting an organized death census can be a function of TARGA.

When I was younger and foolish I thought about starting a game con called Duodecadeath Con. The idea would be each game would submit it's "best" death and the top twenty would recieve the acclaim of their peers and prizes. BTW if anyone wants to start that (or any) con in Austin, TX they have my full support. And by support I mean verbal and/or written encouragement, go you!

I remember the deaths of my characters, the other stuff not so much. The story of a character's success is often actually the story of how everyone else died gruesomely. Perhaps, subconciously, players strive to have their characters die gloriously or at least memorably as death is something we generally try to avoid in RL.

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