Thursday, October 8, 2009

RPGs I desperately want to play

The Philippine Gamer posted a list of RPGs he hasn't played but desperately wants too. Sounded like a good idea.

Games I should or will own if they ever get freakin released

Shard - been waiting for it to be released. I guess I played it, but game store demos don't count. Do they?

Mutant Future - obvious choice ;) I'd also like to run a Spaceship Warden campaign.

Anyting run by various OSR bloggers whose game session reports I read with jealousy.

Games I actually own.

Labyrinth Lord / BECMI - This one is easy to achieve I just need to show up to the Sunday game at Dragon's Lair.

Star Frontiers - I've had this since it was originally released. NEVER played it. So sad.

Traveller - Mongoose pocket edition. Sanbox style. Actually thought bout doing Star Flight / Ur-Quan masters type of campaign.

HARP - and/or Cyberspace and/or Spacemaster, been a fan of Rolemaster since highschool. Actually played a little in college. Can be cool if you view it as a bunch of houserules to be used to construct a game system.

Ars Magica - Oh please! But will never happen. Great ideas on entourage play, non-balanced characters, coven(domain/kingdom) creation/management, and magic. Oh lord! The magic, it is soooo awesome.

Nephelim - another oh please / never will happen. I got a fair amount of supplements neat stuff for use in other games.

Hidden Invasion - I don't know buttkiss about the mechanics TriTac? But it says "Fantastic Science Fiction Role Playing" and "High Adventure Across the Galaxy" on the cover so I bought it, for $5.00! Premise goes like this "You and other random people (aka the party) get abducted by 50's era flying saucer. You all break loose, fight, kill your abductors and take over the ship. Rest of game is flying around the galaxy doing cool shit with your UFO saucer and other rad alien technology.

HackMaster Basic - "desperate to play" might be pusing it. Probably will happen when I get some time and can run a 1-shot at the FLGS.

Oriental Adventures - AD&D. But really any fantasy, 1970'sish, kung-fu action game will do, I have a couple. Is "Ruins and Ronin" an actual thing or just a plan?


  1. Hmmm, games I own but would love to actually run some day...

    1. Barbarians of Lemuria (Revised). Seems like a fun, quick, evocative game, too bad my players cling to just one system like some sort of koala.

    2. Werewolf: the Apocalypse. Played this back in college and it was a blast. Definitely the one WW game I could really get into, and would love to run my own campaign some day.

    3. Classic Star Wars RPG. Simple and yet, it definitely gives you the vibe of a game meant for an "epic" sci-fi setting.

    4. Mazes & Minotaurs. What if D&D had originate from Greek Mythology stories and movies, rather than Howard, Tolkien, Vance, et al? I'd like to play a short M&M campaign some time and see how it goes.

    5. Delta Green under BRP rules. I've always been fascinated by modern day conspiracy theories, but I've never had the chance to run a campaign like this.

    The list goes on and on. I've got literally dozens of systems on the shelf that I've never played or GMed. So many games, so little time...

  2. I was just talking with my own gaming group about taking on a bunch of other games. We came up with a pretty massive list of games we wanted to play. Sadly a bunch of them aren't published anymore, but I suppose that's what the used book market is there for, right?

  3. 'Is "Ruins and Ronin" an actual thing or just a plan?' R&R is basically your AD&D Oriental Adventures but based on S&W/OD&D, and is available at Lulu as a PDF or book. Check out for actual game play journals and additional resources. How's that for a plug? I own it but haven't actually played it yet - really been wanting to do a one shot sometime.

  4. Hmmm...can't think of too many I've never played but would still want to.
    I'm sort of a new game junkie. During Junior High, High School and College (1980ss to 90s) I pretty much played anything with RPG written on the cover. I've read through Geist:The Sin Eaters and Eclipse Phase but haven't played or run those yet.

    I can think of ones I haven't played in a long time that I'd love to play again. Let's see...Ars Magica, Teenagers from Outer Space, Mekton II, Faery's Tale Deluxe, Star Wars D6 and Changeling: The Dreaming.

  5. Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn and Knight Hawks boxed sets sit untouched on my shelf as well.


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