Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hackmaster Bootcamp

Having little time or interest in babysitting miserable far flung hamlets such as yours, Bordertown, Good King Osric has proclaimed that all able bodied men and those stout framed women who so desire shall henceforth be formed into militias charged with protecting the Kingdom's villages from orcs and other miscreants.

Report to your drillmaster, Sir Geant, on Sunday, June 13th, 12:30pm at BattleForge Games, Austin, TX.

A Hackmaster Basic introductory adventure.  You're in the Militia now! "What Militia?" you say? Who cares! The point is you get to kill stuff! More specifically, you get to hack the enemy to pieces using Hackmaster, a version of D&D with all the wuss parts removed.  A preview of what's in store, here's a PDF comic illustrating combat: Knights of the Dinner Table.


  1. Hackmaster is a lot of fun, but making the characters is not. HM is one system I hoping to run soon. It's just too fun not to.

  2. @Tim

    I got two answers for you, pregens and Hackmaster Basic using the "quick play" rules aka no build points.

  3. What do you mean 'with all the Wuss parts removed.'?

    It has a chapter on rolling dice. Who but a wuss would need that?

  4. I loved making characters in 1st ed Hackmaster. As the I DM took pains to sit one on one with each player and A) help ... but also B) have a laugh about it with the players. There was soooo much humor in just the character creation aspect of the game ... sigh ... those were the days. No one ever has time for games like that anymore ... if it takes more than 5 minutes to do something "screw that I could be playing wow or watching ESPN" seems to be the attitude :( Alas for those reasons I don't think I'll ever play another game of 1st ed again ... I don't think I could find players both willing to and capable of playing the system.

    On that note I've been wanting to check out Hack basic ... thanks for the reminder to do so! Good post!


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