Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So Much Fun

Bam!  That was fun.

Damn fun, Thurs through Sunday fun.  Many game conventions I get a little bored or a lot tired and end up leaving early Sunday or skipping it altogether.  Not this time.  NTRPG is a small con, by the 2nd/3rd day people were calling me out by name (which made my poor memory for names even more embarrassing).  Despite the smaller size NTRPG is packed with great people and great games.  I played in seven and each one was good if not great.  DM'd by Rob Kuntz, Allan Grohe, Matt Finch, Jason Cone, and Jon Hershberger. Yeah, great. I'd play with any of them again.  Any time.  Any place.

Also attended great panels on Megadungeon Design and Early Days of the Hobby (post more on those later).  Some pics (not mine) found via The Contemptible Cube of Quazar (one of many I met at the con).  Definitely will be going back next year.

The "Best" Moment

Fifth Expedition Into Mythrus Tower
Matt Finch DM, Dennis Sustare right rear, "Father John" (me)
decked out in purple, the real Father Brian middle left.

Playing in one of the later sessions of con "campaign" Mythrus Tower with a LARGE group of 11 players.  Hunched over his S&W fighter character sheet discussing tactics with the party leader was an older silver haired gentleman, Dennis Sustare.  I couldn't really hear what was said but suddenly his eyes twinkle, his lips erupt into a huge grin, and his face is awash with laughter.  I have no idea but can't help but feel that at that moment -- However many years this man has been alive washed away.  He was a child again with a child's imagination enjoying a game of make-believe.  In fact, he has never "grown up", never lost the joy of play.

That, for me, is the point of RPGs.  Why I play them.  Why I bother to introduce RPGs to others and attempt to expand the hobby.  Moments like those.  To create them, share them, and experience them.  To bring a smile to a child's face whether that child is 12 or 89.

Here's to the Joy of Play, may it keep us all forever young of spirit!

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