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Roleplaying Tips Weekly E-Zine's Supplemental Issues and Dowloads

I mentioned these briefly before.  But, John Four has collected some great stuff over at the downloads section of the Roleplaying Tips website.  I decided they deserved own post and more exposure.

Supplemental Issues

Other Downloads

A grab bag of  goodness, overland encounters, book generator, 8000 first names, excel spreadsheets, and the like.  Also, awesomely, Roleplaying Tips Archives - plain text format - Issues 001 to 431 a 4.7MB zip file.

Not linking them all, head over to Roleplaying Tips Website's Download Section and scroll down.

5 Room Dungeons - Contest Entry Downloads

Before the One Page Dungeon Contest, there was the Five Room Dungeon Contest. These are all smallish (5 rooms) adventure settings based on the 5 Room Format.
  • Volume 18

    1. The Tomb of Three Brothers by Jake Sorensen
    2. The Wizard's Retreat by Jake Sorensen
    3. The Shifter by The Shifter
    4. The Braun Castle by Monstah

    1. Volume 17

      1. Retreat by Aki Halme
      2. Tomb of the Colossus by Bryan Smart
      3. Too Many in the Tomb by John Moseman
      4. Minaret of the Smoking Tankard by Michael Sinclair
      5. The Witchwood by H L

      1. Volume 16
        1. The Sledge by Dragonlordmax
        2. The Pyramid by Jeremy Coffey
        3. The Masters of Evil by David J Rowe

        1. Volume 15

          1. Prison Break by Nathan Wells
          2. The Company by Nathan Wells
          3. Catching the Traitor by Amy
          4. The Wizard's Land by Dr SciFi
          5. St. Nathanial - Harbinger of Doom by Thewizard63

          1. Volume 14
            1. Caravan of Courage by Nathan Wells
            2. Escape From Slavers' Isle by Jason Kemp
            3. Vault of the Wiglord by Ken McCutchen
            4. The Towers of Wisdom by manfred
            5. Through the Maze by Margaret Coffey

            1. Volume 13
              1. The Wizard's Challenge by Thewizard63
              2. Drop of Blood in the Bucket by mrcelophane
              3. Temple of the Four Elements by Nathan Wells
              4. Random 5 Rooms Dungeon Generator by Davide Quatrini
              5. Promised Aid by Jonas Dorn

              1. Volume 12
                1. Stranger Than Fiction by Uri Lifshitz
                2. Aboleth by Andrew Anderson
                3. Dragon's Lair by Aki Halme
                4. Lord and Killer by Drackler
                5. Upshi Rises by Cheka Man

                1. Volume 11

                  1. The Mercenary Shrine (sci-fi) by Ancient Gamer
                  2. The Cursed Keep of the Wastelands by Captain Penguin
                  3. The Well by Bert Isla
                  4. The Governor's House by Anthony Hart-Jones
                  5. Blind Pack by Jean-Christophe Pelletier

                  1. Volume 10

                    1. Revenge of the Urn Beast by Cheka Man
                    2. Raid on Tantalus IV by dark_dragon
                    3. Sewer Lair by Daniel Burrage
                    4. Orcish Olympics by Aki Halme
                    5. Pitfall Castle by Nathan Wells

                    1. Volume 9
                      1. Skanda Biologicals by Siren no Orakio
                      2. The Spirit Never Dies by Ria Hawk
                      3. Saving Plaque by Strolen
                      4. Barrow of the Bored Berserker by DeeCee
                      5. The Stone Labyrinth by Daniel Burrage

                      1. Volume 8
                        1. To Sell a Gem by David Hickman
                        2. Place of the Embalmers by Wulfhere
                        3. The Nobleman's Daughter by Dragon Lord
                        4. The Great Gate by Davide Quatrini
                        5. Heart of the Dwarves by Paul Darcy

                        1. Volume 7
                          1. Of Pines and Roses by valadaar
                          2. The Tomb of Agellar by Dragonlordmax
                          3. Deserted Island by Nik Palmer
                          4. Henge of Ascension by Nik Palmer
                          5. Taking Sides by Uri Lifshitz

                          1. Volume 6
                            1. Diamonds and the Deluge by valadaar
                            2. Bedizen's Traveling Dungeon by Scrasamax
                            3. Thieves' Guild by Aki Halme
                            4. 'Ringed' by fadeaway1978
                            5. Tomb of a Cleric by Uri Lifshitz

                            1. Volume 5
                              1. Spawn of the God-Egg by Wulfhere and EchoMirage
                              2. Foray into the Forest of the Frog King by Thewizard63
                              3. Troll Brothers Cove by Nik Palmer
                              4. Black Fire Ruins by Will Cartier
                              5. Shadow Vault by William K. Wood

                              1. Volume 4
                                1. The Sanctuary of Sumuho by Dozus
                                2. Crossbones Island by Chaosmark
                                3. Swamp Music by Nik Palmer
                                4. The Windspire by Nathan Meyer
                                5. The Message by Morgan Joeck

                                1. Volume 3
                                  1. The Haunting by Matthew and Paul Darcy
                                  2. The Quest for the Rod of Spellius by Davide Quatrini
                                  3. The Plague Devil by Nik Palmer
                                  4. Villainous Cellar Pub by Aki Halme
                                  5. Ye Classic Wizard's House by Gillian Wiseman

                                  1. Volume 2
                                    1. Warts and All by Paul Darcy
                                    2. Temple of the Volcano God by DJ Mindermast
                                    3. The Necromancer's Cave by Morpha
                                    4. Merchant's Crypt by Aki Halme
                                    5. The Temple Defiled by Tyler Turner

                                    1. Volume 1
                                      1. A visit to the Witch's Cottage by Gillian Wiseman
                                      2. Isles of Ice by Mothshade
                                      3. The Tomb of the Dragon Queen by Joseph Rapoport
                                      4. The Living Vault by Mothshade
                                      5. The Sunken Vault by Nathan 

                                    All 18 Volumes 181 pages! Includes a new advenrure, The Pool of Unmaking by John McCullogh

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