Thursday, June 17, 2010

Saturday, June 19 Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day is sneaking up on us once again!

[blurb from Dragon's Lair]
Manufacturers like Paizo, Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, Mongoose Publishing, WizKids/NECA, White Wolf Publishing and many more provide free samples of their best games and retailers like Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy® run game demos, giving new players a chance whet their palate for the amazing gaming experience tabletop RPGs can provide and giving veteran players a chance to test out new games.

This is a great chance to discover the world of role-playing games - or re-discover them and to share your love of the game with new players!

Dragon's Lair Austin's Schedule

11 AM Pathfinder: Master of the Fallen Fortress (AM)

12 PM Age of Cthulhu
12 PM Shard RPG Demo [Shard is flippin cool, my Shard review cool from last years Free RPG Event.]
1 PM D&D 4E: Bloodsand Arena
3 PM World of Darkness Ghost Stories
5 PM D&D 4E: Bloodsand Arena
6 PM Pathfinder: Master of the Fallen Fortress (PM)

Other than Shard which I demo'd last year,  "meh" is the strongest emotion that list brings. 

Battleforge Games

I don't see anything listed in their calendar.

Tribe Comic & Games

South side represent!

They don't feel they have the room to support in store gaming (Although, I could squeeze me and four players in that front space).  So, I kind of doubt they are doing anything either.  Sad, cause S. Austin needs a place to game.

Any other Austin / Central Tx stores doing stuff for FREE RPG DAY?

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