Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This week I be Pimpin Emperor's Choice Games

Just so there's no confusion, no one has asked me to pimp anything.  These will always be products which I own a copy of, believe deserve exposure, and believe maybe worth your time/money.  The pimping idea totally stolen from The Underdark Gazzette. Hopefully I'll remember to change it every week.

Emperor's Choice Games

I'm biased, for good reason.  And, I suspect many of the gamer's who would enjoy Emperor Choice's Products have already bought them.  But, in case not...

I own Arduin Eternal, and The World Book of Kas. And have recently ordered the Arduin Map and the Megaset of Arduin Grimoires.  Which includes the three Classic Arduin Grimoires in a hard cover bound set, the five Hargrave authored in the 80's, one new one from Emperor's Choice.

If the planet's align I might stop buying stuff and actually get to reviewing some of it. 

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