Saturday, June 23, 2012

June Blog Roll Additions

Sites I've added to Blog Roll recently.  Link and (sometimes arbitrary) reason for joining the fellowship. Awesome Generators. Cause his art is high bad assery. RPG Ephemera Archive!  because of this short documentary.  Glacia, Barbaric Ice Queen and I know this dude from past NTRPG Conventions.  The first D&D Next article I've liked (I avoid most without reading) and Zenopus!  Dig the pics and core ideas post.  Big proponent of "essence" over mechanics or mimicry.  For instance Milius understood the essence of an REH yarn.  Hint; it's not whether Conan's hair is the right color or not.  Horror and Fantasy props.  Sucker for the name. Several interesting reviews of products I hadn't heard of.  Deadlands Noir! Duh, pirates! need more science / mutant / space blogs.

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  1. I like to aim, in part, for the RPGs that don't get enough press on their own...that, and all kinds of Savage Worlds stuff...=)


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