Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NTRPGCon 2012 Artist Panel

This year's North Texas RPG Convention's Artist Panel consisted of Diesel LaForce, Jennell Jaquays, Jeff DeeErol OtusJason Braun. While fielding questions from audience each artist sketched a different monster from those submitted to the NTRPG "get your monster drawn by artist" contest.

The NTRPG crew is scanning the originals and will be posting them and the monster write-ups.

The next step in the contest is for one of these drawings / monster description combos to be selected.  Have the artist make a color, refined? version (maybe, I'm not so clear on this part).  Get sculptor to create a rendition and then make minis in time for NTRPGCon 2013.

While not my favorite drawing (it's hard to pick just one really), nor my favorite monster write up, the upside-down inside-out thing-that-should-not-be would be a most bad ass miniature.

The original sketches were auctioned off Saturday.  I bid on and won the LaForce and Braun drawings.  I would have bid harder on the others but I already won three artist panel works by Jaquays, Dee, and Otus at last year's NTRPG auction.

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Diesel LaForce / Fleshmaw

Jennell Jaquays / upside-down inside-out thing-that-should-not-be

Erol Otus / ?????
I forget name, Vertimixx?

Jeff Dee / Stone Guardian
dig the tail, sorry for poor photo

Jason Braun / Seeping Horror
click to embiggin and see whatsit caught

The sketches are posted with permission and copyright the respective artists or NTRPG.

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