Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Roadside Encounter Contest

NOTE:  This is not my contest, I'm just "cross-posting" / spreading the word. The contest is from Roleplaying Tips, an excellent e-mail newsletter (and now website) full of game master tips and role-playing advice I have been reading for years.

Contest: 100 Road Encounters

In the spirit of 100 Waterborne Encounters and 150 Benign Urban
Encounters from past issues, RPT reader Paddy asks for help with roadside encounters:
"Hi, just wondering what literature you recommend or tips you might have that list and expand on hazards while travelling on the open road? Things like flooded bridges, brigands ambushing merchants and travellers, brushfires, landslides taking out mountain passes. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance, kind regards, Paddy."
It just so happens Awesome Dice offered me a pound of dice to run a short contest, and Paddy's request seems like the perfect opportunity.
How To Win A Pound Of Dice

To enter and help Paddy at the same time, send me short roadside encounter seeds. Like so: "The bridge ahead is flooded out."

I[John] will draw a winner at random July 4.
Multiple entries are encouraged!
Send your roadside encounter ideas to

Thanks to Awesome Dice for offering a pound of dice for the prize.

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