Monday, June 11, 2012

NTRPG 2012 is Over

Survived another four day long North Texas RPG Convention!

Have 3-4 posts worth of stuff which I'll post over next couple weeks.  This is just short summary of what you missed by not going ;)

Each year (I've gone three times now) NTRPG Convention has grown both in size and goodness.  About 2-300 people this year I guess.  Smaller con, with a tremendous guest list who not only show up but run and play games.  This year I played with Jeff DeeErol Otus, James Ward, Tim Kask, Steve Winter, Frank Mentzer.  That's a significant portion of the graduating class of old school.

In addition to games and rubbing elbows with early progenitors.  There's artist and designer panels, bunch of raffles, interesting vendor tables, art displays, auction, Three Castles Award, collectors, and a bunch of current "OSR" game authors, publishers, artists and enthusiasts.


After leisurely drive up from Austin, checked in, and browsed the vendor tables.  Sadly DM for Urutsk Worlds of Mystery was unable to attend.  But, I got in on Jimm Johnson's Skull Mountain game.  


Tavis Allison ran Adventurer Conqueror King System which I've been wanting to check out.  Sadly, I made mistake of registering for first session (Adventurer) and not a latter Conqueror or King session.  Which may have been for the better as I sort of got charmed and helped the dragon to capture the party and totally derail the "plot". ;)

Artist Panel Diesel LaForce, Jennell Jaquays, Jeff DeeErol OtusJason Braun.  While fielding questions from audience each artist drew a different monster from those submitted to the "get your monster drawn by artist" contest.

That evening I survived Tim Kask's OD&D game.


Star Frontiers was the 2nd RPG I owned as a wee teenager.  I finally got to play it, a Vrusk technician under Steve Winter's gamemastering. But, that's not only game I played, convention organizers had a surprise.  More later.

Raffle in which I won Dragon Magazine #1 and #2.
Stars Without Number by Kevin Crawford won the Three Castles Award.

DCC RPG DM'ed by Michael Curtis.  Review forthcoming.


Continued Father John's adventuring in Mythrus Tower.  (This campaign runs every con, every session).  John got some gold and some xp, but importantly survived unlike several adventures who were permanently lost on the 5th level.


  1. Hey - it was good to see you at Tim's game - even if it didn't click who you were at the time. :)

    - Ark

  2. Thanks for attending Norman! And I think I am still holding the S&W White box you won in the auction. Email me if you don't have it in your loot because I have an extra box here.


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