Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NTRPG Live Streaming

Old School style don't mean not using new-fangled technologicals.
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David Rhea will be doing all video for the con this year. This includes video streaming. Assuming we have fast enough internet we will be streaming events this year. Please check out the NTRPGCON channel at Here is the current schedule. We may stream random games as well but these are the main "events" so to speak.


2PM - 5PM : Charity Game
5PM - ??? : Chainmail Game


8AM - 11AM: Circvs Maximvs
1PM - 5PM : Q&A Panels
7PM - ??? : Mythus Tower(Tournament)


9AM - 10AM: Expect the Unexpected
10AM - 2PM: Circvs Maximvs - CHAMPIONSHIP
2PM - 3PM : Expect the Unexpected
3PM - 4PM : Artist Panel
4PM - 5PM : Raffle/Auction

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