Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Soggy Sea Chest

[mwschmeer has been collecting these "Sithogy" posts into a Google Doc, cause he's awesome like that. Item recovered from Sea Hag's treasure hoard in the Temple of Elemental Evil campaign I run ever other week. It led to the sinking of a comical amount of ships. Also, I found this very cool chest while looking for pics.]

Cursed Sea Chest of Sinking

This small chest has obviously spent many years underwater. Remains of barnacles and bits of seaweed dot it's aged and waterlogged wood. The metal straps and fittings are corroded but intact. No matter the environment the chest never dries out and drips a small puddle wherever it rests.

Opening the simple clasp reveals a blue velvet lined interior. Perfectly dry and in like new condition. As much as the exterior remains ever soggy the interior is kept magically dry. Even if the chest is submerged or liquids splash into interior.  Wet things placed within will rapidly dry out. Note: liquids in bottles or other containers are safe.

Surely a useful item to have onboard!  Except any boat, ship, or other water craft on which the Soggy Sea Chest spends more then a few minutes will sink. The sinking occurs slowly, starting with a few leaks, which gradually grow more frequent and larger. Depending on efforts to of crew it may take up to a week for a large ship. Once sunk the ships wood, rigging, sails will rapidly rot and it's metal fittings will quickly corrode.  This process is inexorable, continuing even if the chest is removed. If vessel is beached, dry-docked, or similar the materials will still slowly decrode until there is nothing left.
Fun to fill with cheap treasure and give to your least favorite local pirate.


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