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Sithogy the Black

[mwschmeer has been collecting these "Sithogy" posts into a Google Doc, cause he's awesome like that. This was an (optional) side adventure in my semi-weekly Temple of Elemental Evil OSRIC Campaign. The party raided the mound, successfully capturing Sithogy's Boa for a witch (they should not have been doing favors for). Later; (at avg 3rd level!) the party, various local personalities, most of Nulb the pirate town's residents, a couple pirate ships, and the HMS Resource returned to slay the dragon and loot its hoard. Things didn't work out exactly as planned ;)]


Is a very old, smallish Black Dragon 6HD, 3AC, 36HP, d4/d4/3d6, 50' acid BW, Fear < 5HD, +2 saves, speaks, breaths water, 30% detect hidden, 50% asleep, has memorized Comprehend Languages, Affect Normal Fires, Unseen Servant, Invisibility.

He spends most of the time invisible. 60% in lair, 20% lounging around his lake, 20% abroad.

His true lair is deep underwater and unlikely to be penetrated. If cornered he's not that tough on paper. Played right, he should never be cornered. Sithogy is very smart, extremely cunning, selfishly evil and cowardly. He has survived for more than 350 years. Aided by spells and allies he employs traps, deception, misdirection, hit-and-run assaults, and "let's you and him fight" tactics. He regularly trades intelligence with Air Temple Priests, Screng the Witch of Nulb, a Sea Hag (before party killed it), and various swamp creatures (via spells). He will be aware of any threats to him in the region.  And many in this evil area are very willing to get on his good side by doing him a favor such as dealing with PCs who become too interested in dragons.


  1. Sithogy collected most of the treasure left behind after The Battle of Emerdy Meadows and the Siege of ToEE.
  2. The Elemental Air Temple is attempting to recruit Sithogy.
  3. On the Winter Equinox Sithogy and Screng the Witch of Nulb perform vile rites atop his mound.
  4. Sithogy employs illusions and other arcane trickery to confuse those who shall soon be his supper.
  5. To safeguard their ships the Pirates of Nulb pay Sithogy tribute.
  6. Sithogy does not like the taste of Dwarve. 

Elevation and tunnel map of Mound Lair

The Mound

Sithogy's abode is a large, muddy mound of an island at the center of a mile wide lake he has dredged from the swamp far NE of Nulb. Numerous holes potmark its surface. Seventeen of which Sithogy has dug out into long twisting tunnels. These tunnels are roundish, muddy, slippery, and filled with roots, twists, and steep elevation changes. Nine of the holes lead to one of Sithogy's three pets (below). The other eight pass right through the mound. This "maze" should confuse and (ideally) provide food for his pets. Causing intruders to waste time futilely searching for the "one tunnel" leading to Sithogy's lair. Delaying them long enough for Sithogy to wake up and take notice.

Tunnel Encounters 

(roll once per tunnel or as desired)
  1. Big Boa looking for something to squeeze or G. Leeches looking for something to suck.
  2. Ceiling Snagwort 3HD, 6AC, 10' sticky tentacle, d6 strangle.
  3. Poisonous snakes or frogs, G. mosquito's, similar normal swamp creatures.
  4. Slip & fall, lost/broken item, mudslide, similar environmental damage.
  5. Swamp gas goes boom, 4d6 plus tunnel collapse.
  6. Punji sticks, ye old swinging spiked log, neck high wire, or the like. Remember Sithogy is smart, cunning and evil!

Boa's Lair

A big, 30' long, Boa Constrictor curls up here when it's not out hunting 50% of the time.

Leeches Lair

Gaggle of Giant Leeches suck it up here abouts.

Fungamoth Lair

Fun times. Fungamoth: 8HD, 7AC, only +5 to-hit, d4/d4/2d6, starts off bruise blue. In addition to tentacle touches and mouth bite it does one of the following every round:
  1. Changes Color; burnt range, lime green, radiant purple, flesh pink
  2. Static Charge, d6 to anyone who hits this round
  3. Spews spore pods, those hit save vs poison or confused d4 rnds
  4. 10'r 3d6 Lighting Ball
  5. 15' wide 30' long 3d6 Cone of Fire
  6. Hacks up ;disgusting blob of slime/mold/ooze of DM's choice
4, 5, 6 (and 2d6 bite attack) require a mouth. The Fungamoth has two of these at the ends of long "stalks". Looking very much like they can be cut off with a lucky or targeted slice.

Air Shrine

Surmounting the mound are the recently erected (by ToEE Air Temple) stone monoliths and sacrificial alter to Akadi, Air Elder Elemental Goddess. There is 1 in 6 chance of observing Air Temple Priest arriving or leaving via air elemental. If not, 1 in 6 chance of catching several Air Temple Priests performing some profane ritual under the open sky.

The Shaft

In the center of the air shrine a 10' dia shaft descends into darkness. Reminiscent of air shaft in ToEE a narrow staircase winds around its edge. The air temple is very weak and has few resources to spare for recruiting Sithogy despite it being their best gambit. Along the shaft are a few rooms containing four Air Temple Hobgoblins, Two Air Temple Priests (2nd, 3rd level) and several Steam and Smoke Mephits (likely encountered in the shaft itself). Very little treasure. It is all given to / demanded by Sithogy.

There is 2 in 6 chance of Kelno, Air EHP, being present as well. Busily attempting to bribe / convince Sithogy to commit to the Air Temple. Something Sithogy will not do for as long as he can milk Kelno. In fact, he's currently attempting to reach out to other Elemental factions (something party could help with) hoping they will ply him with bribes as well. ;Or, at least / eventually pay for Kelno's head.

Inner Cavern

This large (big enough for Sithogy to fly around) cavern is two-thirds filled with a swampy lake. The other third being boot sucking mud and quicksand filled swampy land. The roof is pierced by The Shaft. ;Its stair terminating in a metal catwalk 50' above the water. Numerous casks of oil are concealed throughout the cavern. Sithogy uses these in conjunction with Unseen Servant and Affect Normal Fires to "welcome" invaders who penetrate this far.  

There is small chance of encountering guests (Air Priests, Screng, other CE personalities) awaiting an audience or being entertained by Sithogy.  No other encounters will occur. Sithogy eats or scares away everything else.

After much searching deep in the murky lake (requires water breathing) one of two tunnels may be located. One leads 100's of feet to outer lake. If discovered and every year regardless Sithogy redigs this, his main, entrance tunnel. The other tunnel leads to Sithogy's Cave. The silt filled water in these tunnels and Sithogy's Cave have but 1' visibility.

Sithogy's Cave

Deep underground past a long, dark, twisty, muddy water filled passage lies Sithogy's water filled cave. He maintains a small pocket of air for his scrolls and other treasures that would otherwise be damaged. The bulk of his hoard is sunk into and piled up on the muddy floor. He enjoys squirming and rollicking through it all.

The Hoard

Even with ability to breath water it would be difficult and very time-consuming to locate all of this.
  • Scrolls for memorized spells
  • 13 other scrolls
  • 1 scroll of explosive ruins
  • Recipe for creating slithering stalker (undead snake assassin), notable for being the same items party has delivered to Screng the Witch :) :) :)
  • Map to ToEE
  • Map of ToEE dungeon lvl 3 North
  • List of ToEE faction symbols and leader names
  • Letters from Air EHP confirming their attempts at recruiting Sithogy
  • Magical self-lighting lamps
  • Breastplate conferring immunity to wooden weapons
  • Heavy Iron Gloves, require 18+ STR, provide 95% bend bar
  • Firbolg Bag, opens into a coracal boat
  • Coffer of d6+6 feathers, each does d10 and automatically hits if thrown
  • Bag of Crushing (fun times!)
  • Necklace of Life Keeping
  • Bread of Invulnerability in wax sealed tin, think fruit bread (100% immunity to damage for d4 rounds)
  • "Hateful Seeker" two-hand Holy Dragon Slayer sword (detailed in future post)
  • "Dragon's Claw" scimitar Holy Dragon Slayer sword (detailed in future post)
  • Dwarven Hammer +2, returning
  • Elven Plate (elf multi-classed mages may wear without casting penalty)
  • +2 LE Longsword 6 ego, 17 int, speaks Angelic and Diabolic, locate object 120', detect silver, cold iron, good 20', purpose "destroy weapons of good or devil destroying"
  • Bracers of Armor
  • Book of Infinite Spells
  • Ring (roll randomly)
  • d12 potions (roll randomly)
  • 19 gems, 8750gp total
  • 7 jewelry, 17500gp total
  • 43,000sp
  • 13,000ep (elf made electrum coins)
  • 15,000gp
  • 112,000cp
  • 4 idols, 6 holy symbols 5 ornate boxes/chest, 4 statues, 1 vase, 6 sculptures, pair ivory tusks, silver tureen, antique sword, gold key


  1. Yep, this rekindles one's creative impulses for sure.

  2. Here: I made this into a quick & easy file for you to download via Google Docs:

  3. Designing a dragon hoard is one of the true joys a fantasy RPG has to offer - nice hoard as well.

    So is there a way that I can see how a pack of dungeon bastards, a few pirate ships and an 18th century British 6th rate lost to an undersized black dragon?

    It's awesome that you're running TOEE as a 1700's style adventure (well that's the impression I get anyway) - what does a carriage pistol do to a giant frog anyway?

  4. Super duper awesome! Thanks for sharing Norman! I'm saving this!

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments.


    The Dragon Hoard was mostly rolled up from Treasure Tables (I believe OSRIC ones). I tweaked and added stuff to tie it into ToEE campaign.

    Future post will relate the sad, sad tale (with happy ending) of "Steal the Dragon's Hoard". And Sithogy is small-boned not undersized!

    No not 1700's, that ship is an anachronism and came from "Ship in a Bottle" magic item looted from Sea Hag.


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