Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Probable Probabilities

I'm a sucker for dice and other mechanics. I see (in games, on blogs) many interesting mechanics and think up my own crazy schemes from time to time.  I often wonder about the probabilities behind these mechanics.  I've done some "analysis" in the past.  I'm doing more.  All will be indexed in this post.

["analysis" is in quotes cause 1) I'm no statistician 2) I'm gonna mostly use brute force programs (i.e roll 1,000,000 times, avg result) rather than math which is more exact but math is hard&work where as programming is easy&fun.]

Probable Probabilities
  • Ye old bell curve.
  • Exploding dice.
  • Hackmaster's correct exploding dice.
  • AC Bonus vs Save.
  • 2d6+mod > value.
  • 3d6+mod > value.
  • Roll X dice take highest.
  • Roll X dice take lowest.
  • Party rolls vs individual 2in6, etc. see Party Rolls.
  • 2d6 Thief'n from RPG Characters.
  • Forget where this came from Instead of using a percentile die for Thieves' Find Traps etc., you could give them more dice, depending on their level. Start them out with 2d6, and add a d6 every 3rd (?) level. For consistency, I'd do this with Elves and Dwarves as well, so rather than finding a trap on a 1-2, they'd get two dice to roll and find the trap if either of the dice showed a 1. Incredibly cunning traps might require 2 ones showing to be revealed, or even more for truly diabolically sneaky traps.
  • To be continued...  (requests welcomed)

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