Monday, April 26, 2010

North Texas RPG Convention Special Release

Badmike posted to the TARGATalk E-Mail list a special release to occur at the North Texas RPG Convention, June 3-6, 2010.

Tim Kask's adventures "High in the Hellgate Mountains" and "Temple of the Weaver Queen" available only at the NTRPG Convention
The NTRPG Con is proud to announce we will be selling limited edition booklet copies of Tim Kask's adventures "High in the Hellgate Mountains" and "Temple of the Weaver Queen" at the con. ONLY AVAILABLE at the con, in limited quantities of 50 copies each, these adventures were presented (respectively) at the 2009 Gencon Acaeum Game and 2009 NTRPG Con, and have never been available before except in extremely rare DM copies auctioned or given away at the Gen Con Acaeum dinner or NTRPG Con #1.

The adventures will be in small booklet form, limited to one per attendee, with only 50 copies available of each adventure. Tim plans in the future to present these and other specially written adventures in a more traditional format, but for right now this is the ONLY way to get a look at two great old school OD&D adventures in their original form!

Stay tuned. More announcements to come...


  1. Damn you Norman I'm going to have to hire you as our pub agent! You got the stuff up faster on your blog than I did!

    I've read both of Tim's adventures, and they don't come more old school. Tim Kask, 1st editor for Dragon magazine, stopped taking in D&D rules and other innovations about 1979 or so, thus his stuff is firmly rooted in the OD&D/White Box tradition. Some day these and other adventures from Tim''s marvelous imagination will see more wide-spread appreciation when he has them printed up in a more proper format. Until then, they will only be available at NTRPG Con. So what are you waiting for....?

  2. So, anyone going to NTRPG who don't want to get a copy for themself want to pick up one for me? :)


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