Friday, April 16, 2010

First Spam Comment

Does that mean I've broken into the popular blogs?  Proly not, just random luck.


  1. Sir,

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  2. I can spam like a pro. Good thing I have a conscience or I might try doing this for a living.

  3. You were always a popular blog. They just hadn't gotten around to spamming you yet.

  4. @ Cameron: LOL

    @ Norm: I just got my first spam comment a couple days ago. For me, it was too, too soon.
    : (

  5. I'd been getting spam comments on my blog LONG before I got a human comment. Wordpress tells me I have been protected from 156 spam comments, only about 1/5 of which do I ever see (the rest are just blocked, without human intervention, I guess).
    There were times, at the beginning, that I was tempted to allow some spam on just so there'd be ANY comments. :)

  6. Nah, you ain't made the big leagues until JOESKY THE DUNGEON BRAWLER comments. ;)

    Meanwhile, I below the notice even of spambots... :(


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