Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Links

[Every week I pre-schedule a "Sunday Links" post.  Throughout the week when I find something that piques my particular interests but I don't have time to say much, or don't have much to say I'll add link to it here.  Little bit in the spirit of and a little bit cause I'm always forgetting were I saw cool idea 'X' and little bit cause most weeks I read so much that deserves a wider audience.  So, there may be a lot of content or may not be much each week.]

I Hit It With My Axe is picking up nicely, episode 4 made me laugh out loud --

ITGW Success --

Greyhawk was the 1st campaign world I ever encountered.  It held the "this is how it should be done" title for quite awhile.  But, I eventually grew to abhor the shiny, nice, pseudo-[medieval|late Roman] trappings I had associated with it.  Reading various "pulp" interpretations, Greyhawk seems new and awesome again.  Considering returning to it.

This is how paladins roll, 'God Haunted' is great description --

And this is how Dryads --

And War Chimps --

And Dolls --

And Bad-Asses --

End Game Material via Greg Christopher --

OMFG, yes! There is a Planet Algol Master Index --

The realism and detail of CG is beginning to freak me out, and I so love that "RPG bloggers" have there very own 3d artist rocking out new characters and scenes every week --

"Knightmare", British Dungeon Game Show kicks all sorts of serious ass (in the it's cool looking back at it as a 40yr old but I would have dismissed as lame kids crap when I was a kid) --

The latest goings on of interest to classic style gamers are reported by Jame's in his weekly OSR News from The Underdark Gazette.


  1. Yeah, every time I see a cool post about Greyhawk, I start thinking about running it. Thanks for the Shout out!

  2. Thanks for the Shout Out!
    And thanks for the great links!

  3. An awful lot of shit has been talked about zak and his group, but damn, when I hear a gamer say, "Stab it in the fat butt because that's where their second brain is." Well, that is freaking funny.

  4. I don't know how I managed to miss this, but thank you, albeit 7 months too late. My apologies!


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