Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dungeon Geomorph Cube and Slidy Puzzles.

If you've only made one post so far this year make it a quality one!

Idea is to make a mini dungeon using geomorphs placed on the faces of a Rubik's Cube.  When characters think they know where they're at or are about to make it out you spin the Rubik's cube and screw'm (or if you're a wuss DM you could make it a fair and logical large scale puzzle).  Like that bad Sci-Fi channel movie I saw once and don't want to remember name of.

Or, less ambitious make the geomorphs into a slidy puzzle.  Just print out 8, 15, 24, ... arrange in cube.  Maybe with bluetac or magnets and slide them around. 

Rubik's Cube: 9 geomorphs, 6 sides to a cube that is 54 geomorphs.  Hmmmm, where oh where can I get 54 square, smallish geomorphs. If only someone had a Geomorph Mapping Project and had produced like a bazillion awesome hand drawn geomorphs.

At first I was gonna do six screen grabs of Rob Lang's map generator, but it hasn't been updated and only has the first 30 geomorphs. If I go to trouble of doing this might as well do it up right!

Speaking of which I should physically make this, like in RL 3d.  I need a Giant Rubik's Cube.  Er, that's too giant how about Large Rubik's Cube, google be failing me!!  Did you know Rubik sells DIY Rubik Cube with Lube? I didn't, but it too small.  Come on, Internet, wtf?  Ah, found some 10cm cubes on ebay... would make maps about 1" sq.  Flippin tiny, but maybe usable.  Gonna hold off on RL 3d, maybe my wonderful readers will find something better, hint, hint ;)

Downloading 54 maps latter...  TBC


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  2. Hey Norm!
    Glad you liked the idea!

  3. That's a really cool idea. :)

    BTW, I've got 32 more geomorphs that were designed to work with Dysons: http://www.risusmonkey.com/search/label/Geomorphs

    I post new ones every few days.

  4. That's just mean. Good idea.

    The movie reference is possibly The Cube:


  5. @Grim
    Yeah totally. Sorry, for hijacking but it is cool idea and hopefully we both take it to interesting places.

    Awesome! I wrote some code to simulate a rubik's cube. Contact Dyson for permission to use his geomorphs with it but haven't heard back.

    Can I use yours? If you want to see it first email me.

    That's it, original title and all.

  6. Go right ahead and use my geomorphs. I made them for the community. :)

  7. No worries Norm. I'm glad to see somebody doing something with the idea. It was more of a brainstorm for me, I doubt I'd ever get to actually use it.


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