Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Talislanta Released under Creative Commons License

Remember those Dragon ads? No Elves...

Those ads really attracted me. Cause even back when I was Tweleve I was rebelling against the Tolkeinesque fantasy sameness that seemed to be everywhere.  Also elves always brought to mind images of Mimes, Bards and Orlando Bloom.  Annoying wankers. 

I eventually bought that massive blue Talislanta Book a few years back.  It had some cool stuff. But, like many others have found it's damn hard to get a group interested in non Tolkeinesque fantasy sameness.  And unless you're building on the cultural fantasy milieu built up by popular art (books, movies, etc) comprehending a world with myrid of races and cultures is too much for new players to tackle.

I encourage people to download and look over Talislanta Blue Book and see what a world without elves is like.

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