Thursday, April 22, 2010

Geomorph Cube Dungeon

[Follow up to my Dungeon Geomorph Cube and Slidy Puzzles post.]

I created a little proof of concept for a 2x2 Geomorph Cube Dungeon. Rubik's cubes are more complex than I originally thought.  It still lacks some tile rotations, [actually it's kind of screwed up].  I don't think I have enough SAN to code a 3x3 cube.  You can download the code and geomorphs to run it locally and/or mess with it.

It's sort of a pain to mentally translate the cross projection to a cube and I don't DM with computer.  So, I'm less inclined to finish/prettify the above proof of concept, I think... Would like to find large Rubik's cube and actually build one! Cause that would be rad and something I could actually use in game and totally flippin awesome to laugh maniacally as I rotated it.  But, the largest cube I've found has approx 1" faces, which is damn small for these geomorphs.  I have no idea how to build my own Rubik's or working facsimile.  Or rather, I know how, just not how to limited by my poor mechanical / shop skills.

Thanks to Risus Monkey for letting me use their geomorphs. And thanks to mthomas768 for remembering what movie, The Cube, I was thinking of.  And Huge Thanks to Grim and their blog Postapocapost for coming up with this awesome idea to begin with.


  1. Just got to love them tesseracts/hypercubes.

  2. I love it.

    Just one thing... Geomorph #24 was revised because it... well it looks like a penis. You might want to use the revised version. :)

  3. I had never intended to actually put the geomorphs on the cube, you must be insane!
    (I'm kidding, please don't be offended if you are actually crazy.)
    Instead, I had intended to use the cube as the map key mainly so that different sets of geomorphs could be swapped in and out and also so that the maps would still be hidden from the players and could contain whatever level of detail was appropriate.

  4. My brain just melted. Excellent!

  5. I'd get a regular cube and number each face with a sticker. Then use that cube as the key to the current combination of the map in use.

    However getting a giant cube for use at Conventions would be really impressive - till you had to try and move it to and from the Con

  6. Numbering a colored cube would be a lot easier than coloring a numbered cube (IMO). I did originally get the idea from a sudoku rubiks cube but all the faces are black and all the numbers are white. There is this one on Amazon but I'm not exactly certain about the color scheme.

  7. I think a papercraft project would be more practical than getting a rubix cube. Randomly lay out the tiles on the cross, cut, fold, paste!

    Sure, it only works for a single dungeon and doesn't give you a randomisable cube, but it would be pretty sweet to have a papercraft cube dungeon behind the GM's screen…

  8. Norman, I have these 1" sturdy foam blocks that are *almost* the right size for your dungeon. Since you're dealing with a 2x2, you could use magnets and metal to hold the interior sides together and glue the geomorphs to each of the 8 cubes. They will always meet at a point, yes? Just a thought! The idea is excellent! Thanks for sharing!

  9. @Jim, I can get a rubik's with 1" sides, too small. But using larger blocks that's a good idea.

    @d7, bah! If there's no rotation, there's no maniacal laughter, and without the maniacal laughter there's no joy in it.

    @various, numbered cube is another option.

    Thanks for the ideas, this is definitely a TBC project.


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