Thursday, April 22, 2010

Geomorph Cube Dungeon

[Follow up to my Dungeon Geomorph Cube and Slidy Puzzles post.]

I created a little proof of concept for a 2x2 Geomorph Cube Dungeon. Rubik's cubes are more complex than I originally thought.  It still lacks some tile rotations, [actually it's kind of screwed up].  I don't think I have enough SAN to code a 3x3 cube.  You can download the code and geomorphs to run it locally and/or mess with it.

It's sort of a pain to mentally translate the cross projection to a cube and I don't DM with computer.  So, I'm less inclined to finish/prettify the above proof of concept, I think... Would like to find large Rubik's cube and actually build one! Cause that would be rad and something I could actually use in game and totally flippin awesome to laugh maniacally as I rotated it.  But, the largest cube I've found has approx 1" faces, which is damn small for these geomorphs.  I have no idea how to build my own Rubik's or working facsimile.  Or rather, I know how, just not how to limited by my poor mechanical / shop skills.

Thanks to Risus Monkey for letting me use their geomorphs. And thanks to mthomas768 for remembering what movie, The Cube, I was thinking of.  And Huge Thanks to Grim and their blog Postapocapost for coming up with this awesome idea to begin with.

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