Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Links

[Every week I pre-schedule a "Sunday Links" post.  Throughout the week when I find something that piques my particular interests but I don't have time to say much, or don't have much to say I'll add link to it here.  Little bit in the spirit of and a little bit cause I'm always forgetting were I saw cool idea 'X' and little bit cause most weeks I read so much that deserves a wider audience.  So, there may be a lot of content or may not be much each week.]

It's funny cause it's true, or it's funny for how pissed off people will be over it not being true.  Either way it's funny --

Vampire Babies! esp like how creature has been outfitted from Baby Gap --

Excellent Sage NPCs --

The latest goings on of interest to classic style gamers are reported by Jame's in his weekly OSR News from The Underdark Gazette.

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