Monday, April 5, 2010

Star Frontiersman Issue #14 Released

The very excellent Star Frontiers retro-clone (they call it remastered) fans have delivered the next release of their game magazine. Star Frontiersman Issue #14, "Yazirian Power".

The actual download.

Cover (at right) by C. J. Williams

The Free RPG Blog review Remastered Alpha Dawn book.

Table of Contents
  • Technical Journal - Chemical Drives, by Richard “Shadow Shack” Rose
  • Optional Rules

    • Knight Hawks Expanded by Larry Moore & Brian Conway
    • Character Generation Tables by Larry Moore
    • Adventure Bots! Part 2: What You Really Need to Know About Role-playing
    • Robots by C. J. Williams
    • Cyberbionics by Bill Logan
    • Dralasite & Vrusk Ablative Sheets by Chris Harper
  • Game Report - The Dominion by Richard “Shadow Shack” Rose 
  • Adventure! - Star Rover artwork and NPC’s stats
  • Equipment

    • Flamethrower Gauntlets by Ryan Baker
    • WarTech LWS by S.E. Roberts
    • Variable Sword by Chris Harper
    • PDG Robotics by Gary Cliff – Georgie – BD Cerridwen
    • Power Armor by Brian Cliff
  • Frontier Fiction

    • Interview with an old space by pariah (Jess Carver)
    • Memory by Tom Verreault/jedion357
  • Adversaries

    • General Yan-Soon and the Sovereign Dominion Authority
    • Time Line by Richard “Shadow Shack” Rose
  • Yachts and Privateers Return - Remastered Dragon #88 by Douglas Niles
  • Encounter Writing Competition - Get your pencils ready for a contest!
  • Encounter Tiles - Map tiles to get your Game On!
  • Adventure Layouts - Standard module layouts by Larry Moore
  • World Works Mars Station Review - Table top terrain review by Tom Verreault/jedion357
  • Classifieds - Everything you don’t need but want

You got some Star Frontiers goodness? Contribute it for inclusion in the next Star Frontiersman.

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  1. that is really quite a production! and 14 issues since Feb. '07 too.


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