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BuffyPunk - Season One


The Greater Bay Area focusing on Julia Butterfly High School. Spring, 2103.

Stars (PCs)

Celestine Pearl - Recently moved to the GBA and got a room at the Hotel International Boarding House. Got hired as new music teacher when the previous one up and disappeared. Making her the youngest and coolest! teacher at Julia. Since she has become one of the gang bullies that pick on you seem to have bad luck; books falling on them, tripping over chairs, pants slipping off.

Manta Ray Lopez aka Mannie, aka Ray - Junior at JBHS. Parents died in the Medellin Anarchist uprisings of 2090 adopted through "Save the Urchins" by three lesbian clones, Steve1, Steve2, and Steve3. Raised in Kropotkin Heights Anarchist Collective by his adoptive parents. Mannie is very small and could bend into a pretzel even before discovering Yoga. When not watching old movies on his handie he's scamming seniors or poking around with one of his biology "projects". Best friends with Gunderson who often carries Mannie around on his shoulders.

Miakoda - Junior at JBHS. Grew up on Miwok(Angel) Island in a First Citizen community Selected by tribal council to be sent to GBA and learn technical skills. Shares a room at HIBH with two younger tribe sisters and Thunder Feather their adult supervision. She is learning much more than just technology and wonders if tribal life is really what she is meant for. Wickedly smart, snagging top honors in every shop tech competition. Instantly liked Mannie for being everything her tribe elders were not.

Mullettov Viva La Gunderson - Senior at JBHS. Of German/Swedish/Danish/Finn decent he was conceived unexpectedly to radical college students during the Russian integration riots of '85 "Mullets for Equality". While attending Micheal Moore Memorial Elementary got legs blown off during failed "Kids are bombs" raid on CocaCola corporate research facility. Last year, the senior shop class's project was to make cybernetic legs for him. Gunderson was called the "six million dollar dork" until he kicked one of the bullies into a week of traction. Gunderson lives with his mother in a small apartment near Kropotkin Heights. He thinks you're all gonna die, sooner rather than later.

Supporting (NPCs)

Wendy - The slayer is only 11 yrs old. She has a condition that makes her very, very smart but her metabolism is such that death will arrive before she's 24. A bit of a brat, mostly Wendy lacks the emotional wiring to relate normally. You and Delgato are her only friends. Although, she thinks and treats you more like her pets.

Mr. Delgado
- The watcher is a software teacher at JBHS. Old (aka over 20), but nice enough. Dresses funny, very protective of Wendy. He's always busy and doesn't hang out much.


-- Episode 1 (pilot) "Who Invited You?" - Filmed
-- Episode 2 "Of Emperors and Urchins" - Filming halted 1/2 way through
-- Episode 3 "Nothing lost, Nothing gained" - ???
-- Episode 4 "The Truth is out There" - Concept
-- Episode 5 "Who Are You?" - Concept
-- Episode 6 "Human Hearts are Made of Flesh" - Title
-- Episode 7 "Hung with Black are the Heavens " - Title

The pilot and scenes from "Of Emperors and Urchins" were edited into a special made for TV movie which aired April, 2003

Previous Seasons

Last several TV episodes did not happen. Let's just pretend "The First" never happened, although, Buffy and friends did eventually take the Sunnyvale hellmouth off-line. It's nice and peaceful there, cute bunnies hoping around.

Here is what did happen, although your characters wouldn't exactly know this, Wendy and Mr. Delgato do more or less...

Buffy Summers remains the only slayer to have "retired". Absolved of her slayer duties by The Reformed Council. Together, Buffy and Faith kicked so much demon butt that having a slayer making babies and being a soccer mom was doable. After many years of peaceful home life Buffy died of old age surrounded by friends and family, awwwwh.

Faith, dead by age 25 just like any slayer not named "Buffy". Still, her death took three full-demons, a record, and two of them didn't survive to gloat over it.

Willow's magical powers rank her with the likes of Merlin, Akhnaten, and Lilith. Responsible for numerous earth altering events; preventing several wars, stopping various and sundry demonic "end-the-world" plots and repulsing an interdimensional invasion. Throughout Willow remained anonymous, always on the sidelines, always allowing others the credit. A feat undeniably her's is the perfection of techomancy or use of magic with technology primarily the casting of spells over, through and on computer and communication networks. After Buffy's retirement Willow became even more reclusive and cast powerful wards to ensure her privacy. Many claim to have seen Willow or recognize her handiwork but the only verifiable appearance is at Buffy's wake. Where, interestingly, she showed no signs of physical or magical weakness despite qualifying for the "silver discount".

Giles led the reformation of the Watcher's Council. It is now called The Reformed Council and is not as bastardy. Made into a vampire by Angelicus, killed shortly thereafter by slayer.

Spike, didn't burn up in flames of martydom. Never accepted by the "good guys" and no longer evil he led a lonely and troubled existence. Some things never change, eh?. He was the prime figure in putting down Angelicus after Angel lost his soul yet again. Even had a short fling as a soap opera star. Sadly, Buffy never forgave him for dusting her first love and he became outwardly bitter and spiteful to slayers and scoobies. Spike crashed Buffy's wake were his drunken rantings forced Willow to throw down with the magical asskicking. After that, little is known of Spike's wanderings. The Reformed Council believes he has finally been put to rest.

[Part of a series on BuffyPunk Campaign I developed and ran in 2003]

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